TONIGHT promises to be a hugely significant one in the recent history of Warrington.

That might sound overly dramatic.

But two decisions due to be made at the town’s planning committee – now grandly named the development management committee – are set to have a huge effect on the borough for the years to come.

Firstly, councillors will be asked to pass the first set of plans for the regeneration of Bridge Street.

We have been reporting and seeing extravagant artist impressions for the area for the past decade.

Now it looks like the promise is finally turning into a reality.

The old market is being pulled down, with a new one replacing it at the back of the former Boots building.

Traders will be in a temporary one while the work, which could start next year, takes place.

Bridge Street needs a new lease of life and this holds the key.

It is a real shame to walk down the street at the moment.

But think forward five years.

The street will lead to the market which will lead to a cinema, apartments and council offices.

People will be in this part of town throughout the day and night.

And it promises a dramatic change for the better in Warrington.



WHILE one development is about to begin, one could be seeing the beginning of the end.

Because councillors are also set to discuss an end to rubbish dumping at Arpley.

There have been more planning meetings on the issue that anyone would care to mention.

But the latest application looks to be a compromise deal with the aim of ensuring that it will close soon.

Despite winning the public inquiry early in the year to stop the tip staying open for the next decade, the council still faces a battle.

And in the report to be discussed tonight, it says residents still face the unedifying prospect of poor health concerns while the tipping continues on.

The problem with sites such as this is they need to close properly.

You can’t just abandon it and leave it open.

But do residents who thought they had won a serious battle earlier this year, deserve to be stuck living next to a tip for the next three years?

The answer is certainly no.

Whatever does happen tonight, it will have long term effects on the town in the years to come.