WARRINGTON Borough Council has announced a series of major changes which will see some roads become access-only - with a new bus gate also planned.

The council has revealed the proposals in the Orford and Westy areas under its Central 6 Streets Plan.

This will see ‘low traffic neighbourhoods’ trialled within the town with hopes of cutting off ‘rat runs’ and improving traffic levels, road safety and air pollution.

However the scheme has been met with huge anger.

Here are just three of the many letters against the scheme we have been sent


The Orford LTN scheme proposed to commence 20 June 2022 is an absolute disaster for Orford residents and local businesses.

Simple trips from avenues off Hallfields Road to local shops, schools and town will now become a logistical nightmare and will encourage people to shop elsewhere.

Quoting Cllr Hans Mundry "We can take big steps in cutting down on the number of cars moving through residential streets in Orford, reducing air and noise pollution."

I fail to comprehend how diverting vehicles onto either Long Lane or A50 Orford Road will provide environmental benefits.

Warrington Guardian:

Long Lane and A50 Orford Road are RESIDENTIAL streets known to experience traffic jams and queues at peak times, adding additional vehicles to these routes will create increased air and noise pollution in these residential streets.

There can be no benefit to the environment by forcing motorists to extend their journey times and distance to arrival at destination; the extra time and distance travelled will only serve to increase air and noise pollution whilst penalising the driver with additional fuel costs.

The simplest solution would be to scrap the scheme or allow rate-paying residents access to their homes in the Hallfields Road area.

John Hall


The report in the Warrington Guardian (June 2) regarding a proposal by Warrington B.C. for a bus gate at Hallfields Rd and O’Leary St in Orford, included in the grandly named “Central 6 Streets Plan’, is somewhat ill conceived and which will stop private and business vehicles using that route for travelling into or from the town centre as well as stopping ease of access to several local shops in Norris Street.

This ‘bus gate’ would include the existing routes of the 20,21 and 25 services along with coaches (rarely?), taxis and bicycles. ANP cameras will be installed to catch those that use the bus gate illegally, (a useful income stream ?).

Warrington Guardian: Marsh House Lane, Darwen. Photo credit: Google Street View

I hold my hands up and admit I use this route to access O’Leary Street and Battersby Lane to get into town rather than the regular congestion of Orford Road onto Padgate Lane and then into Marsh House Lane with the five sets of traffic lights along that route.

The WG article says it will be on a temporary trial basis for 18 months but I suspect temporary means permanent in this one. 


Is there anything we can do to look at getting these proposals reversed or at the very least, amended to allow those of us with businesses in the area to use the road.

I worry that whilst implemented with good intentions, the impact of these changes will be far worse than expected.

From a personal point of view, living on Orford Green, it is literally a 2 minute drive to my place of employment, Ryfields Village however when the road closes, my journey will be upwards of 25 minutes with the current state of traffic on the ring road going through padgate.

It's not possible to walk as I visit Asda Cockhedge, Heron (Orford Lane) and Home Bargains (Junction 9) and Ryfields Village with a full van of shopping daily all via this route which will now be closed off.

It doesn't even bare thinking about trying to attempt it via Winwick Road. It often takes me 20 minutes to travel 1.5 Miles down to Winwick Road from my house.

As soon as all traffic is forced to divert around this ring road I dread to think what will happen to the state of traffic.

From a business point of view, my Gym Business and Shop based inside Ryfields Village on Norris Street need me to have access with my Van for regular restocking, sometimes twice a day, plus with many of my Gym members coming from Orford, Padgate and Winwick, them getting access to us is going to be seriously impacted at peak times.

Not to mention other supply vehicles and HGV's which will now all be forced to travel further up Winwick Road and in via Orford Lane and O'leary Street.

I went to the consultation and was told that the aim was to reduce traffic but I honestly feel that without significant improvement to the alternative routes, my own business, and many other businesses in the affected area will be seriously impacted.

Im also a serving member of the RAF based at 75 Engineer Regiment and also run fitness classes inside the Green Cabin in Orford Park so literally all my work and travel to / from will be seriously impacted with these changes.

Is there anything that can be done for this of us that live / work inside this area?

Or can we seek clarification from the council of the expected impact on the areas right outside these areas?

I'd welcome the opportunity to discuss this directly to see if there is any opposition to this and how we can voice it. My opinions are shared by most that I've spoken to.