WARRINGTON Youth Club chief executive Dave McNicholl writes a regular column for the Warrington Guardian.

LAST month, the world was astounded by the ability of 18-year-old Emma Raducanu’s victory of the US Open tennis tournament.

Emma, who grew up in Croydon, was a young person who had a typical upbringing and through her victory she has still focused on completing her A-Levels.

Emma’s home borough of Croydon is also home to the most southernly youth zone in the OnSide network.

All youth zones across the county focus on providing children and young people with chances and opportunities to try new sports, activities, experiences and challenges.

These stretch from climbing to boxing, tennis to cooking, singing to weightlifting and many more.

At Warrington Youth Zone, children and young people will be encouraged to try new activities each day,.

For many, this will be as far as their interest takes them.

However, there will be some who have a thirst to develop their interest further.

In this instance, we will provide every opportunity possible for them to train in a more focused manner for whichever activity it is which they are enjoying.

This may be that they have a coach who can guide them to learn to play a musical instrument, enhance their technique in a particular sport or perfecting their talent in the performing arts.

The youth zone does not aim to provide the end destination for all young people who have an emerging skill, talent or ability.

We will be working closely with a wide range of specialist organisations whom we can signpost children and young people to, so that they can join a team and really enhance their performance.

The partnerships that the youth zone develops are key to ensuring that children and young people have the very best outcomes, and we will support them to unlock their full potential.

We are very keen to work closely with organisations that specialise in a broad range of sports, arts and other activities so that we can work together to release the untapped potential in many local children and young people.

For more information about Warrington Youth Zone, please visit our website warringtonyouthzone.org or call 909660.