A DIRECTOR of a Denton-based building company believes its expansion into Warrington is a watershed that only marks the beginning of its growth.

Garry Thomason, one of three directors of Granada Home Improvements, recently oversaw the move from its Denton unit to a high street branch in Warrington town centre, laying the foundations for further expansion in the future.

“This move has been a complete game changer for us – it’s a step in where we are going to be going in the future,” Mr Thomason said.

“We’re now a professional business on the high street, providing something different in this day and age.

“We have got 14 tradesman working for us and I am here every day – we were just at the stage where we were ready to put down some roots in Warrington.

“It’s a really nice place to work – I think often builders have a bad image, but we are trying to buck that trend.”

The business started as a small company ran by Thomason and fellow directors David and Craig Smith, growing in status before moving to a larger unit in Denton.

And after becoming increasingly active around the Warrington area, they decided it was time to expand and put a permanent office in the town centre at Friars Court on Barbauld Street.

“We still strongly believe that our high streets are still a great place to be setting up and doing business, unlike so many other small to medium size businesses which are closing up on the high street,” he said.

“We believe Warrington is a brilliant place for businesses to be working in and we’re really committed to making our expansion into Warrington a massive success.”

Mr Thomason is confident that the move will only mark the beginning of the company’s rise.

“We’re hoping to expand to the point where we can take on some Warrington-based office staff and tradesmen to make it a real Manchester-Warrington wide company.

“In the future, we could look to expand even further.

“We can now begin to put down a company which can carry on for years and years.”