AN entrepreneur is set to turn over her first million after overcoming anxiety to become a successful online business coach.

Grappenhall resident Helen Pritchard was admitted to The Priory at the age of 16 after her panic attacks turned into agoraphobia. More than two decades later, she is now on a mission to help people build businesses that they love.

“Back in 2010 I was a single mum of two, heavily in debt and looking to grow my freelance social media business to pay the bills,” said Helen – speaking during this week’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

“Low on confidence and struggling with anxiety, I found it difficult to go networking face to face, so I started to use LinkedIn – an online social network for professionals – to connect with small businesses in Warrington. I ran my agency successfully for the next seven years before closing it to focus on my real passion: helping overwhelmed business owners to break through to success.”

Helen now educates 40,000 people worldwide in her online communities – offering access to free challenges and resources.

She has celebrated multiple £200k+ launches of her ‘LinkedIn Mastermind’ online course. Combined with earnings from her growing mentorship community and e-learning products, Helen is on track to make £1m in revenue from her new venture in only two years.

“I still remember a time when I couldn’t stand up in front of anyone for fear of fainting,” recalled Helen. “At the age of 39 I’m now a confident, successful businesswoman who is able to travel the world solo, socialise and talk in front of thousands of strangers.

‘No matter what label someone puts on your mental health, or how you label yourself, nothing is forever. As a teenager, I was agoraphobic; today, I’m not and I haven’t been for some time.

“In times of stress I slip, so I’ve made recovery my lifetime project. The power is in recognising the signs early and taking steps to get back into an upward spiral.”

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week runs until Sunday.

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