A CHAPELFORD mum-of-three has launched a new business to deliver freshly prepared meals to the community.

Let’s Eat delivers home-cooked food directly to people's home, in ovenproof dishes, ready to be heated up, helping the planet by negating the need for plastics and cardboard waste.

Managing director, Jacqui Ireland said: “Like many, I’m a full-time working mum with three wonderful children.

"My husband also works away a lot.

"I began to realise my family were ships just passing in the night, we all had so much on.

"I felt like we never had time together as a family to talk and enjoy meals together.

"I struggled to find the time around my work commitments to cook nutritious meals for my family.

"Things had to change and Let’s Eat was conceived.”

Let’s Eat aims to help other families’ stresses and strains in preparing and cooking nutritional meals daily.

Chapelford-based business Let’s Eat, utilised the marketing expertise and business advice of another Chapelford-based business, Claire Sky Marketing.

Claire Briars, managing director of Claire Sky Marketing, said: “Let’s Eat is such an exciting business, as a busy mum-of-two myself, I can see and empathise totally with Jacqui’s vision and the significant benefits Let’s Eat can make in the community."