GENERATION Z’s engagement with digital technology is helping businesses improve their own online content, new research has shown.

Cape Diem, a website and development agency based in Pyramid Arts Centre in Warrington, is welcoming north west businesses to a unique event exploring trends in digital consumers born after 1996, otherwise known as Generation Z.

The event, held next Thursday, April 25, will be Carpe Diem’s second open house of the year.

It will be the first time the research data has been showcased outside London and will help brands and youth-focussed organisations discover the mindset and behaviours of digital consumers.

James Hall, enterprise consultant at WP Engine, will be presenting the research.

He said: “Generation Z has a huge dependency on digital experiences, and they expect authenticity in what they consume online.

“That has a significant impact on how brands should present themselves through entertaining and relatable content.

“So, we’re keen to contextualise the next generation and explain why they’re the most important group of consumers for businesses, large and small.”

Since establishing Warrington’s digital hub in Palmyra Square, website development house Carpe Diem has opened a dedicated co-working space for digital creators and technologists called Opus.

Saul Peake, managing creative director, said: “Through Opus, we’re bringing industry influencers and regional businesses together with entrepreneurs and investors, and this open house reflects our intention to continually raise the bar and draw attention to the digital ecosystem that already exists here in Warrington.”

Register for the event via Eventbrite.