WARRINGTON’s first vegan supermarket has opened in the town centre.

Powered by Plants, believed to be the town’s first vegan store, opened for business under the railway arches on Crown Street on Tuesday, February 12.

Carl Hammond and Becky Entwistle are behind the new shop, which also boasts a vegan cafe and deli - Room 432.

Warrington Guardian:

Becky, 46, said: “We wanted to offer a place where people could come and shop organically and sustainably.

“There is also a little deli with vegan treats, coffees and smoothies.

“Prior to opening this shop, you would have to go to Manchester or Liverpool for something similar - we haven’t seen anything like this so far in Warrington.

“We want to be a hub for people to come and find what they need to be healthy and nutritious.”

As well as selling plant-based, organic vegan foods, Powered by Plants also offers body care products, makeup and household cleaning goods.

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Warrington Guardian:

Carl, from Callands, added: “We want to be locally sustainable as well, incorporating local businesses - we’re trying to look after the little man.

“The vegan movement is a massive movement worldwide - it’s growing on a global scale, and it’s not a fad that’s going to go away.

“We are bringing employment to local people, and we are a totally ethical business - even from our banking and energy sources.

“Even the products we use to clean with our totally ethical and biodegradable.

“There aren’t enough independent shops coming into the town, so that’s another plus for Warrington.

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Warrington Guardian:

“People in Warrington are crying out for this, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the response so far.”

As well as ethical benefits, Carl believes that going vegan can also provide a massive boost to your health.

Warrington Guardian:

The 50-year-old said: “It’s cruelty-free food, and people are really tuned into both the ethics and health sides of it - there are massive benefits from removing meat and dairy from your body.

“There is a lot of scientific evidence that we shouldn’t be eating it on the levels that we are.

“Myself and Becky can stand testament to the difference your body feels from not putting these products in.

“I’ve played sports all my life and I’ve had a lot of joint paint from old injuries, but I was astonished that these pains went away when I removed meat and dairy from my diet - I’ve got more energy, I sleep better, my skin is better and my brain function is sharper.

“It can give a massive benefit to the body.”

Warrington Guardian: