A GRANDMA has opened a 'holistic community hub' offering therapies that helped her to fight serious health conditions.

Clair Anderson, from Woolston, had struggled with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome for around 15 years before she was finally diagnosed with the conditions in 2014.

The 40-year-old was left unable to leave the house, but has now battled back to set up her own business with the help of holistic therapies.

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful, opened on Bruche Heath Gardens in March, offers these treatments - including yoga, Taichi, pilates and meditation.

Grandma-of-two Clair said: "I spent four weeks in hospital on a ventilator - I couldn't breathe, I couldn't walk and I couldn't hold my head up without passing out.

"It gives you a complete mind fog - your focus completely stops, and I can crash for about three days.

"I’m still affected by it, but I know people who have put fibromyalgia completely behind them - I'm back to life but not quite back to full health yet, so I'm still on a mission.

"Three years ago, I was completely housebound and unable to do anything.

"Now I'm up, running a business and living a life."

The holistic community hub boasts a team of 12 therapists and teachers as well as a studio and therapy room.

Drop-in 'TLC Tuesdays' are also offered for residents suffering from stress or anxiety.

Clair added: "It's all about helping people, and helping people to help themselves.

"A massive number of people in Warrington are suffering with anxiety, stress, depression and loneliness - it's just a place where they can come to relax.

"Anyone who's been diagnosed with anxiety or depression is waiting weeks to seven see a counsellor, so this is about being able to do something else.

"Everything we do is about empowering yourself and taking charge of your own health.

"The space has a super relaxing energy to it - once you walk in you just feel instantly chilled.

"It's already changed people's lives."