PHILIP Cox, chief executive of the Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is speaking at an open-to-all lecture at the Warrington campus of the university on the Monday.

Philip will be talking about building a £50 billion economy for Cheshire and Warrington by 2040.

This will be no small feat given the current economic uncertainties the country faces.

Under the current Strategic Economic Plan Warrington, as the industrial and commercial anchor of the area, plays a prime role in the Cheshire Science Corridor.

It is also recognised for the Warrington New City initiative, a vision under the Warrington Means Business strategy, a road-map for industry, infrastructure, jobs, homes and investment. Warrington is a major component of the overall regional objectives and has already achieved a great deal with initiatives such as Omega, work towards Port Warrington, infrastructure improvements, skills initiatives, house building and town centre regeneration projects.

Given that investment needs to keep coming to fuel the projects then Warrington’s achievements need to be promoted to all. So how do you put the town on the world stage?

LAWRENCE Bellamy is deputy provost at the University of Chester’s Padgate campus and writes a regular column.