LAST week I travelled to Malaysia and Brunei on business for the university.

We met our educational partners there and the students studying with them.

The purpose of the visit was to build relationships and raise the profile of the university. Talking from people from around the world it is clear how little they know about the UK, aside from a few points.

London is highly recognisable. Premiership football clubs too; mention Manchester and Liverpool and some of the star players can be named, present or past.

Further north of Warrington Edinburgh often gets a mention, useful in trying to position Warrington in their mental map.

So how do we get some recognition for Warrington, which has so much to offer in terms of industry and commerce to the world? This is important for a post-Brexit future, for incoming investment and for attracting the skills and knowledge to Warrington which are necessary to support ongoing industrial and commercial development.

We haven’t got great landmarks, a premiership football team or too many famous sons and daughters (Chris Evans?!). So the question is, how would you market Warrington to the world and what would you want it to stand for?

  •  LAWRENCE Bellamy from the University of Chester writes a regular business column