PRINCE Andrew’s recent visit to Amec-Foster Wheeler at Birchwood Park is a real recognition of the importance of the nuclear industry and the excellence displayed in Warrington.

While he no longer has his UK trade ambassador role it remains clear that his interest and ability to open doors and influence remains significant.

The industry remains at a tipping point.

So long associated with decommissioning the new-build prospects and small modular reactor developments could herald a new ‘golden-age’ of Nuclear for the UK.

It remains however a highly-bureaucratic (safety is important) industry in need of an overall strategic steer to push it towards its potential.

The Lords Science and Technology Committee has indicated the Government’s indecision as harming the responsiveness of the sector in the future.

Those who understand the economics of this tell me it is an absolute no-brainer.

World-leading technology, clean energy production, highly-skilled and paid jobs for Warrington.

All we need now then is a Government with a clear vision.

Let’s hope that some Royal intervention can break the inertia.

Lawrence Bellamy is a regular business columnist for the Warrington Guardian and deputy provost at the University of Chester’s Padgate campus