IT is the sport every girl plays as a youngster but a scheme based at the Ball Hall, Latchford, is hoping to get more women playing netball once they leave school.

The back to netball league on Wednesday nights has been going from strength to strength over the last few years as more females swap the gym for team sports.

Yvonne Sampson, who has been a coach for more than 25 years, said: “Every woman I meet remembers playing netball at school and coming back to a sport they loved.

“It gives them a sense of well being, confidence, self esteem, friendships, a brilliant support network and is great way of keeping fit and having fun.

“The biggest buzz I get is seeing a woman taking the first step to come along, usually a little nervous, and see her grow in confidence and how she walks taller after a few weeks.”

We met some of the women who have been spending their Wednesday nights at the Ball Hall: Name: Michelle Clark Age: 39 From: Grappenhall Job: Full time mum Married to Martin with one daughter Natalie, aged 17 months old.

Michelle said: “Since having my daughter I have tried to walk as much as possible with the pram or with Natalie in a backpack but when a friend suggested trying back to netball, I thought it sounded fun.

“It’s a good way to get some exercise as well as a good chance to socialise with other women and have an hour a week to do something fun.

“It’s a great stress buster too!”

Name: Ceris Shadwell Age: 30 From: Stockton Heath Job: Pub landlady and part time dance teacher Married to Anthony for two years and have a nine-month-old baby called Alexia.

Ceris said: “Netball is much more enjoyable than running on a treadmill in the gym for an hour and you meet so many nice women and have such a laugh that the hour passes really quickly.

“It is wonderful to put my baby girl to bed and then join a great group of women many of whom I have so much in common with.”

Names: Emma Hornby, Kath Jones and Caroline Weeks Ages: 25, 32 and 30 From: Lingley Mere business park Job: Accountants Caroline said: “A few of us were talking at work and it turns out there are about 12 people who used to play netball years ago and would be keen to get back into it.

“We decided the Wednesday night sessions are most appropriate as they offer the chance to remember how to play, improve your skills with some great coaching and get involved in some friendly games.

“We hope the sessions will improve people’s confidence and skills to a sufficient level that we could form a team to play in more competitive situations.

“It’s very social, a great way to improve fitness and a fast and exciting game.”

Sessions, from 7.30 to 8.30pm, are £3 and the first two are free.

For more details e-mail or call 655794.