THE owner of a chippy took a break from his day job when he appeared on hit BBC television show Dragons’ Den.

Osman Gulum, who owns the Greenwood Fryer on Marsh House Lane, was pitching his own invention – the flower fountain, a machine that shoots out real flower petals.

He said: “I was excited but a little nervous because of all the cameras. I loved the atmosphere with all the dragons and their business acumen.

“It was a really good experience.”

The 42-year-old designed the flower fountain in 2010 after watching the programme.

“I was watching Dragon’s Den and wanted to invent something that would create jobs and business for people.

“I did some market research and there was nothing out there. This is the first time I’ve invented something.”

Osman, of Oxmead Close, Padgate, made it past 10,000 applicants to be one of 100 to make it on to the show.

He did not secure any cash but said his invention was well received.

“I got good feedback from Duncan Bannatyne who said that because it’s a prototype at the moment it would cost too much money to make it work but he would buy one for one of his hotels.

“It’s for grand openings, catwalks, weddings, any kind of celebration.”

The budding entrepeneur met with a manufacturer in London last week to discuss the production of the flower fountain.

He will pay £500 for each unit to be made, with 50 initially on order. A website is also being designed where the machine can be bought or hired.

Osman, who paid $1,750 to secure the flower fountain’s name, believes it will be a success.

“I have been to wedding exhibitions and everybody loves it,” he added.