MANY youngsters had their first day at school this week but for the parents of three four-year-olds it was a particularly special moment.

Miracle triplets Sam, Benjamin and Joseph Cunningham, from Walton, have overcome life-changing conditions before the oldest brother, Sam, starts at The Cobbs Infant School, Appleton , and his brothers at Foxwood School, Birchwood.

Proud mum Beverley, of Ellesmere Road, said: “The first two years were horrendous but things are a lot better now.

“A lot of people have said to us ‘I bet you thought you would never get to this point with them’.

“Sam had meningitis at five weeks old and was so lucky but we’re really proud of all of them.

“They have missed out on doing a lot of things growing up when they have been poorly so we’re looking forward to doing more with them in the next couple of years.”

Ben and Joe have a rare genetic disorder and have both been diagnosed with dyspraxia, a neurological disorder which affects movement and co-ordination. Sufferers also display autistic tendencies and regularly suffer from breathing problems and chest infections due to scarring on the lungs. Both Ben and Joe will be having speech language therapy in school.

But despite being in and out of hospital the week before they started school parents Beverley, aged 44, and Andrew, aged 46, said the trio, who will be five in October, were looking forward to starting school.

Beverley, who has three older children as well as another son Tom, aged nine, added: “Sam is used to being independent and is more like his older brother Tom.

“He will miss his brothers but he has got quite used to being on his own as they were in different classes in nursery.

“I feel like Ben and Joseph have not been at home long enough as they have spent a lot of time in hospital but they’re ready for it now.”

And Andrew, a Spar store manager, added that getting ready for the school run should not be a problem as the triplets are awake at 5am most mornings.

Beverley added: “We don’t know what’s in store for Ben and Joseph and what they will achieve.

“Every now and then they still do things you wouldn’t even expect from a four-year-old so we’ve not given up hope on them.

“It’s sometimes overwhelming when the calendar is filled with appointments but we have had a lot of support which we’re really thankful for.”