MOVIE monster maker Mike Hill made sure there was a Warrington Wolves presence as he collected his latest award.

The Dallam-born artist now lives in Hollywood creating monster models for some of the biggest names in Los Angeles.

And last month he took his dad Micky and friend Paul Houston, both visiting from Warrington, to Monsterpalooza, a massive convention in LA.

Stealing the show for the fourth year, he again scooped a top award – The Henry Alvarez Award for creative design.

Mike said: “All weekend I proudly wore my Warrington Wolves shirt.

“So the Wolves are all over LA, which I thought was pretty cool.”

The statues in the photos are Jack Pierce (the creator of all the original classic horror monsters from the 1930s to 40s) in the process of turning Boris Karloff into The Mummy. The others are Rick Baker creating make up on David Naughton for An American Werewolf in London in 1981.

Mike said: “I called the display Gods and Monsters. These two artists are the greatest monster makers of all time and I wanted to pay homage to that.”

Such are his skills that the 41-year-old has received commissions from director Guillermo Del Toro and Playboy chief Hugh Hefner while he has worked alongside stars including Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins.

And last June he unveiled a statue of Christopher Reeve as Superman in Los Angeles.