A MUM wants to warn anyone using BMX bike tracks in the town after the handle bars on her son’s bike pulled part of his stomach out.

Doctors were amazed at how calm Jack Booth-Lander, aged eight, and his friend and hero of the hour Jack Walker, aged nine, were after the incident at Sankey Valley Park which left Jack with a seven-and-a-half inch scar.

Mum Lynsey, of Snowberry Crescent, Saxon Park, said: “They’re both little soldiers.

“Jack called me to say he was bleeding after an accident and I thought he must have just cut his knee.

“I couldn’t believe it when I reached him.”

Lynsey found her son holding part of his stomach in his hands and his friend Jack trying to keep the pressure on the wound.

The ball on the end of the brake handle had pierced the skin under the Jack’s belly button after he went over a jump and the handle bars turned.

He was taken to Warrington Hospital after the handlebar ripped part of his stomach out after entering two and a half inches inside him on April 30.

Lynsey added: “The doctors and nurses were brilliant.

“I was trying to make everything sound normal but I could see his stomach coming out.

“The doctors said he was lucky it didn’t puncture his bowel.

“His friend Jack saved his life. I couldn’t believe how well they had done.”

Lynsey has suggested warning signs or an emergency contact phone should be put next to the site to prevent accidents in the future.

She added: “If he didn’t have his mobile he wouldn’t have been able to contact me.

“There were three adults by the track but none of them went over to help. I think parents should be made aware.”