"I am NOT James Morrison" proclaims Matt Belcher, an acoustic singer songwriter from Southport, Merseyside. A guitar teacher and busker by day, at night Matt has performed in front of thousands of people, including footballer Steven Gerrard and most notably at Southport Jedi festival last year.

For more than 10 years Matt has performed in some of the north west’s most prestigious bars, playing some of the greatest acoustic and indie tracks around. After covering other artists’ tracks such as David Gray, Coldplay and The Verve Matt started to write and record his own material, incorporating many different genres.

He said: "I’ve loved performing some of my favourite tracks over the years and it has really helped me understand songwriting and it wasn’t long until I started producing my own material.

"I love singer songwriters and the fact they do things their own way but I'm not another James Morrison.

"There’s nothing better than when it’s you and your guitar. I hate other musicians who want to form bands. And it’s amazing when you know you’ve wrote a great song on your own."

Matt’s first taste of music was on the piano aged four when he would sit at the keyboard and start playing by ear. By the age of nine he was playing the guitar and picked up various other instruments along the way. Aged 15 he got his grade eight on piano and went on to complete a performance diploma. It was then that Matt started using this ability to write songs, opting for a simpler creative approach rather than using the technical ability he is capable of.

In recent years he has been approaching song writing from a more spiritual angle and using different techniques to tap into a sea of consciousness. Matt added: "Quantum physics, philosophy, psychology, religion and emotion have all played a role in this new approach. There is much more than the 3D boundaries we live in.

"I started transcendental meditation a few years ago and it changed my life. I use the experiences of the extremities of life as stories for my songs."

Matt Belcher has also experimented with a diverse range of instruments such as a didgeridooo, a saxophone, congas, a violin, and a keyboard.

After charming Merseyside and gaining legions of loyal fans, Matt is working on a third album, which is due for independent release later this year.

Matt plays at The Venue this Saturday, May 7.

For more information go to mattbelcher.co.uk.