THE origins of a unique set of artworks which have appeared at Warrington Market have been uncovered.

As previously reported in the Warrington Guardian, the art appeared last month.

From painting to sculptures, and poetry to collage, the work is dotted around the back hall.

And now we can reveal they were created by the some of the town’s young carers who look after adults.

The group of eight to 11-year-olds worked with arts organisation arthur+martha at Warrington Museum to create the work.

The pieces have been placed in the market as it is a popular hangout for young people dodging rain and boredom.

Derek Dick, museum operations and development manager at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery, said: “I am so pleased with the response and the work that everyone has put in.

“This group has really benefitted from the whole experience. It does put life into perspective.”

Work included basketball players, a cross-legged image of a figure looking the viewer full in the face while her eyes are masked and with her free hand she texts a message elsewhere and a bystander shimmering within his outline.

Mr Dick added: ”On one set of training shoes is written the title of the show, a passing comment made by one of the young carers – ‘Used to say I’m running away but I never actually got round to it’.”

This exhibition was commissioned by the museum as a response by youngsters to the New York street artist Elbow-Toe (Brian Adam Douglas) whose work has recently been exhibited in the gallery.

It is on show in the market or you can see more pictures on our website