A SUPERMARKET that opened its first branch in Warrington in December has closed its doors.

Asco took over the former Woolworths site on Sankey Street and said it would offer ‘a real alternative’ to other supermarkets.

Four months later the doors have closed with signs saying the store is temporarily closed.

The business had a turbulent opening and within weeks of opening staff were laid off.

According to reports a supplier is claiming £25,620 in a winding-up order against the store for signage that has not been paid for.

Evolve Group, based in Haydock, has applied to wind up the supermarket and its petition is due to be heard in the commercial court in Liverpool in May.

Asco had said it plans to open a new branch in Formby in May and had been embroiled in a row over Lancaster Market when it was revealed Lancaster Council had offered the space to Asco over traders at the centre.

A spokesman for Asco said: “Sadly that is the case at the moment. It is a temporary situation only.”