TRADERS at Winsford Market claim they are not getting the 'respect' they deserve from their landlord.

They have hit out at the conditions they have to work in and believe the market is not promoted enough by Vale Royal Borough Council, which sets their weekly rent.

The traders claim the market is "in the darkest corner of Winsford" which has a "foul stench rising from the drains".

But a council spokesman said the market underwent almost £250,000 of refurbishment in 1993 and has been advertised both locally and nationally.

One trader, who also asked not to be named, said: "We can be found in the darkest corner of Winsford. We are what's left of a rapidly declining market - and there are currently no visible signs depicting that Winsford has a market.

"Anyone looking should just follow the foul stench rising from the drains. All attempts over the last few years to have them cleaned have been to no avail."

They continued: "We have become accustomed to working in conditions that threaten our health. The council makes a sizeable income from the rents of the stall holders and from market lock-ups. So maybe they could treat us with a little more respect and not like an embarrassment. It appears that at the moment it's a case of out of sight, out of mind."

The council spokesman said: "Some directional signs were erected in September 1994. Large amounts of money have been spent both locally and nationally on advertising Winsford Market.

"The council appreciates the current position of declining markets but Winsford is by no means the worst. Rents have not been increased for more than three years."

He added that the council has recently replaced two gullies within the market but the smell has not been caused by the market's drains and workmen are trying to trace the problem back to its source.

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