STAR-struck Winsford woman Eileen Rowe was over the moon when she received a birthday present which was out of this world!

For now she has a star named after her thanks to caring nephew Jonathan Clarke-Wood who wanted to give her a present which would last an eternity.

British Airways chief steward Jonathan used the high-tech Internet to buy the star which is in the Ursa Minor galaxy - so 14h34m44s+6505816 is now called The Eileen Rowe Star.

Eileen, of Bowland Rise, said: "It was a lovely gesture. I didn't realise how unique this was - the star will be there when I am no longer here.

"Jonathan is so kind and caring. He really goes out of his way for me. He rings me from all over the world."

As part of the present, Eileen received a framed certificate and a map which shows exactly where the star is. The new name of the star will now be deposited with the British Library.

But Eileen's star present was "Plan B" for Jonathan who originally had a royal gift in mind.

He said: "In 1977 Prince Charles came to Winsford and Eileen had her picture taken, giving him a kiss. I wrote to Buckingham Palace, asking if Prince Charles could sign it for her.

"I received a letter back, saying that unfortunately he couldn't but he wished her a happy birthday. So I had to fall back on 'Plan B'. I'd heard a lot of people in Hollywood buy stars - and Eileen has always been a star in our eyes."

Speaking about the royal visit, Eileen said: "Prince Charles came to Winsford as part of a Prince's Trust visit and I was to present him with a toy for Princess Anne's baby son. I was laughing and joking with him - and asked if he minded if I gave him a kiss. He said no - so I did."

Jonathan, who lives in Wiltshire, added: "Eileen and I are very close. I lost my mum who lived in Winsford. Eileen is my 'second' mum. This birthday was a very special one. The present is symbolic rather than scientific - it will be there long after we are gone."

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