No doubt this controversy will have reached its climax by the time you read this article.

I belong to no particular political persuasion, therefore I have no bias in what I say.

Neil Hamilton has my respect despite any mistakes he has made.

Paddy Ashdown has my respect despite his marital unfaithfulness.

Tony Blair has my respect despite claiming one standard of education for our children and a higher one for his own.

If we removed from office every politician, judge or minister who had ever commited offence, received "perks' or preferential treatment, we would have no public servants.

Who of us would like our failings detailed in every avenue of media?

I did not become a Christian so that I would be forever blameless.

I turned to God because I knew deep inside there was something wrong that always guaranteed failure.

Something in humanity that no politician - honest or otherwise - would ever change.

I will judge Neil Hamilton fairly when I have reviewed the full facts.

Innocent or guilty, I will first remember my own failings and that will probably make anything he may have done seem insignificant.

In the meantime, I have stones waiting for all who are without sin, all who are right and honourable.

But first take a good look in the mirror and then convince God that you're eligible to throw.

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