Lorcan Walshe presented the piece - The Sun behind the Clouds - to Warrington General Hospital last week.

Staff at the hospital had cared for Bronwen after she lost a leg in the IRA Warrington bombing in March 1993.

The mother-of-two had inspired staff and fellow patients with her courage in learning to walk again.

But months later she was struck down by cancer and died at 33.

Tributes to her optimism, good humour and courage flooded in after her death, including a message from Prince Charles who had met her during a hospital visit.

Hospital chaplain the Rev Philip Mears said the painting was a fitting tribute.

"Bronwen lived for the present moment and this picture represents that," he said.

"On one level it simply means that every cloud has a silver lining and on a deeper level it means that something beautiful can come out of the pain and misery of Northern Ireland and of our everyday lives."

Mr Walshe, who exhibited a collection of work in Warrington showing man's inhumanity to man, said he wanted to present a piece of work as a tribute to the bravery Bronwen showed before she died.

"It's the final piece of the whole project," said a spokesman from Warrington Borough Council.

"Much of the exhibition was quite dark, but this piece is very cheerful and depicts the sun rising from behind the clouds to reflect the spirit of Bronwen."

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