As the family and friends of Paul Byram left flowers on the lake bank, villagers said it was the tragedy they had been expecting.

Mr Byram died at Wythenshawe Hospital after his jet-ski collided with a speedboat.

Police are not yet sure whether the craft was borrowed from a friend or hired from one of the lakeside operators.

Clr Ray Turton, chairman of Pickmere Parish Council, said the village had been shocked by the death, but declined to comment on safety levels at the lake.

"We have asked for a lower limit on the horsepower of craft allowed on the water, to restrict speeds and noise," he said.

Resident Ian McKaigg, who has campaigned to end watersports on the lake, said he was saddened to hear of the death.

And watersports expert Brian Harris said he warned of the lake's dangers months ago and called for segregation of craft.

"Allowing water-skiers to train alongside jet-skis is like putting swimmers in the Boat Race," he said.

"I trained on Pickmere for more than 20 years but recently I dare not ski there."

Macclesfield Borough Council issued enforcement notices against jet-ski operators in a bid to ban them from the lake. But the operators appealed and are allowed to carry on running jet-skis until a decision on their appeal is made.

The hearing will be at the Council Chambers, Knutsford, next April.

Pickmere Lake has already featured in a TV programme highlighting the dangers of the sport.

And the day after the film crew visited, in May, an 18-year-old girl suffered abdominal injuries when her jet-ski crashed into a tree.

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