A national campaign aimed to encourage motorists travelling near the town's M6 junction to show more consideration for each other.

Guardian chief photographer Alan Taylor captured the moment when organisers flashed their message on a huge electronic sign.

Gerry Hanson, chairman of the Polite Society which organised the event with the Highways Agency, said drivers were often transformed when they got behind the wheel.

"When driving we tend to be cocooned in our own little metal fortress which makes us feel safer and bolder to act in a more aggressive way than we do normally," he said.

"What we are talking about can be at best described as bad mannered driving and at worst uncontrolled temper spilling over into violence and even death."

Highways Agency chief executive Lawrie Haynes added many accidents were caused by selfish and impatient drivers.

"We hope this campaign will encourage drivers to think twice, not just today, but every day," he said.

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