A SUPPORT group for parents of autistic children is to be set up in Crewe.

John Hannon, who has an 11-year-old autistic son, has set up the group to help parents cope with the extra pressures brought by the condition.

The Crewe Autistic Support Group, which is part of the National Autistic Society, will run from the Crewe and District Youth Centre in Mirion Street.

Mr Hannon said the group would be a place people could go for both information and support.

"There have been lots of little groups that support a mixture of disabilities, but there has never been in this area anywhere specifically for autism," he said.

"Carers or families can come in to talk to other parents to see if they find it beneficial. If they just had a child diagnosed it will be helpful."

The group will operate from 2-4pm starting on August 2.

"The first meeting will be to find out what members want to get out of the group itself and we will discuss how often we should meet," said Mr Hannon.

"I'm organising it at the moment but it's going to be run on parental input and group decisions."

Mr Hannon said raising an autistic child put extra stress on the family.

"Very little is known about autism and this group will help teach parents what the condition is about," he said.

"There are a lot of people who feel isolated by not being able to talk to people about it. We have an autistic child ourselves and it's very difficult.

"Parents might feel a little bit better if they can discuss those feelings with other people who share the same situation."

Autistic Support Group founder John Hannon (left) with son Adam and co-founder Tony Roberts. Photo No SANT6809-24

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