The monthly show, which reaches audiences of up to eight million people, will feature a reconstruction of the events leading up to Mrs Webb's death in Kennel Lane on Wednesday, July 22.

BBC researcher Gina Campbell said: "The aim of Crimewatch is to create a drama which triggers something off in the viewing public.

"It can be particularly effective when, as in this case, local police enquiries haven't wrapped things up."

Viewers will see actors playing 52-year-old Mrs Webb as she walked down Kennel Lane with her beloved pet labrador Rosie.

Actors will also take the roles of three men police want to question. They are:

A man in in his late 50s or early 60s who was carrying a distinctive walking stick made of dark reddish wood with an interlocking cluster design handle.

A bearded man in his mid 30s, around 5ft 6ins tall, who was seen driving a silver Ford Orion along Kennel Lane shortly before Mrs Webb's death.

A red-faced man who was seen running across Dalefords Lane around the time of the murder.

But researchers faced problems as they worked with detectives on the reconstruction last week.

The walking stick is so rare that they were unable to find another version of it.

Instead, the actor will use a normal walking stick, and a drawing of the actual stick will be shown.

The recreation is pencilled in as the top item on the next edition of Crimewatch, due to be shown on Tuesday, September 8.

Detectives are also trying to trace a woman who rang the police incident room on her mobile phone - but was cut off twice.

The woman rang the police on August 20 to tell them she saw a woman fitting Mrs Webb's description on the day of the murder. But she was cut off before she could give her name, or any more details.

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