TWO parents from Warrington who discovered they are living next to a convicted paedophile are furious with their housing association because they were never told.

Darren and Tracy Higham, of Redshanks Lane, Oakwood, claim they would never have moved into the house had they known about their neighbour's past and have demanded to be be relocated.

The couple moved into the house last November whilst Tracy was heavily pregnant with their third baby and had asked to be housed in a family neighbourhood.

But after the move they were shocked to discover they were living next to convicted paedophile Peter Smith, of Redshanks Lane, who was jailed for two years in the early 1990s for three indecent assaults involving young boys.

Tracy Higham said: "I was eight months pregnant when we moved into the house and the housing officers knew that we had young children.

"We asked them whether the area was quiet and whether it was a family place and we were told it was all those things. Now we feel uncomfortable in our own environment."

Julie Faddem, regional housing manager for Manchester and District Housing association told the GUARDIAN the Highams had not been informed of Mr Smith's presence because of case confidentiality.

"We can't discuss people's business with potential neighbours, but we are prepared to move the family as an exceptional case because they are unhappy. This doesn't mean that the rest of the neighbourhood feels the same way however," she said.

Mrs Faddem told the GUARDIAN the housing association worked closely with the police and social services and that no complaints had been made by other residents.

"Due to this we were unaware there was a problem when the Highams moved in," she said.

It was also confirmed that Darren and Tracy Higham had been offered another property which they will move into after maintenance work has been carried out.

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