WOULD-BE record breaker Kevin Thackwell is claiming a world title - for sticking 116 wooden clothes pegs to his face!

Pubgoers watched in amazement on Monday night as Mr Thackwell, aged 27, shattered the previous world record of 84 pegs.

He is now sending off a video tape of the achievement to the Guinness Book of Records in the hope it will be confirmed as a new world record.

Mr Thackwell comes from Moorhouse Avenue, Alsager, and took up the bizarre challenge after watching a man set the 84-peg record on a television show.

He broke that record at the Horseshoe Inn in Church Lawton, where he is the captain of the darts team, watched by cheering pub regulars and his wife.

Mr Thackwell spent five minutes attaching the pegs to almost every part of his face, including his forehead, eyebrows, under his eyes, lips, cheeks, nose, and chin, and had to leave them on for five seconds to qualify as a possible record.

"I was watching a man break the record on television when my daughter said why didn't I have a go, because they know I will do daft things to make them laugh," he said.

"I practiced at home, where I attempted 120 pegs, and beat the 84 record because I had more pegs on my neck.

"Everyone thinks I'm mad, and although the pegs don't hurt they do sting, and the marks that they leave take about two hours to disappear."

"As soon as I get my record confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records I'm going to organise another record attempt and raise money for charity at the same time."

Monday's record-breaker was judged by Horseshoe landlord Darren Barber and pub darts team member Barry Kingston, who acted as official witnesses to the attempt.

"It was a bit gruesome when Kevin took the pegs off his face - it looked like he had been involved in a car accident," said Mr Barber.

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