YOUNGSTERS in Winsford can continue to surf the net and develop their computer skills after the Cybercafe scheme proved to be a huge success.

The cafe, at Willow Wood Community Centre, attracted 200 youngsters in its first week who were all keen to surf the internet, play computer games and even take part in a pool tournament.

The scheme was originally set up to run for four weeks, but as it was such a hit, it will run for a further six.

The cafe was set up by Vale Royal Borough Council and Wharton residents in conjunction with Mid Cheshire College, Willow Wood Youth Club and other organisations.

Nick Carter, Chairman of Crook Lane and Wharton Gardens Tenants and Residents Association said: "The reasons it's such a success is because of the lack of anything else in Winsford in general and Wharton in particular, but it's well organised and the community is enthusiastic about it.

"We want to continue because we believe it can assist in achieving our goals of reducing vandalism and providing educational facilities as well as entertainment value."

The organisers would now like to improve the facilities as there is only one machine with internet access, and they would also like to develop a homework club.

Nick said: "The club would involve provision of computers with word processing, spreadsheet and database software, to enable the kids to produce more presentable and higher quality work and to generally learn the equipment, which is now in everyday use."

Organisers would also like to see older visitors to the cafe. Nick added: "It's seen as something that's just for the kids, but there's no reason why a 75-year-old can't come along."

Willow Wood Cybercafe is open from 5pm until 9pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the community centre.

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