JAN Linton-Jones may be big in Japan, but he has even bigger plans for the British charts.

For the past decade, Jan - known as Dr Jan (Guru) to his fans - who was born and brought up in Warrington, has been making waves in Japan with his electronic music.

He has released 10 CDs including three albums, the latest of which - Alienshamanism - has just been released in Europe and another of which was a number one selling album on the European electronic charts.

He has even worked with Bill Nelson - punk and new wave pioneer who plays with the Yellow Magic Orchestra.

But despite his status in the Japanese charts, Jan is yet to make any great shakes in his homeland of Britain - but that looks set to change.

Having just spent the festive season with his family in Warrington, Jan is keen to take the plunge and create a new sonic sensation to compete against the country's top selling acts like Steps and Atomic Kitten.

He said: "The reason I am doing this at this point in my career is to do something with my music, something that's going to make a difference. Most music nowadays has no message and is sterile, it seems people have run out of ideas.

"I'd like to revive the electronic scene in the UK. I've just come back to find it's all boy bands and girl bands and I want to change that by getting a new underground scene going.

"I'd like to start a return to songwriting and glamour - I want to start a revolution."

Jan was born in Warrington, lived in Locking Stumps and Walton and went to High Legh Primary School.

During the breaks from studying history and politics at Birmingham University he would perform on an almost nightly basis at the Mississippi Showboat.

And once he had finished his studies, he was invited out to Japan - and liked it so much he stayed there for 10 years.

But a decade is a long time and things have changed quite a bit - including the town's music scene, which now boasts the Warrington Music Collective which is full of support for new and up-and-coming bands.

"When I was starting out as a musician there was nothing happening in Warrington, which is why I had to go down to London," he said.

"But it is very refreshing to see that the town has its own music collective and there is a local scene."

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