A WARRINGTON woman has spoken of the terror she felt when she realised her brother could have been involved in the devastating attack on the World Trade Center last Tuesday.

And she has paid tribute to his actions which saved at least four of his colleagues from certain death.

Scott Forbes, aged 40, (pictured) works on the 97th floor of the south tower in the IT department of the Fiduciary Trust Company International - but on the day of the atrocity he was at home in Jersey City, waiting for an engineer to carry out repairs on his apartment. He could see the tragedy unfolding from his window as he witnessed the planes hit the twin towers, and he frantically called his workmates to tell them to get out of the building. He knows of four who escaped, but a further 95 are still missing. The plane which hit the south tower struck at around the 70th floor leaving the staff with a terrifying journey downwards through heat and smoke as they tried to make their escape.

Scott's sister, Frances Ireland, of Rydal Avenue, was at work when the terrorists struck.

"My husband rang me at the office as soon as the news broke," she said.

"I rang Scott's apartment to find out just what was going on and when he picked up there was a great sense of relief.

"Somebody was looking after him that day. If it had happened on the Monday or the Wednesday he would have been there.

"All this has made me feel so grateful for him to be alive, but I also feel guilty because so many other people have lost so much.

"Scott feels guilty because he has lost a lot of colleagues.

"They wanted to get trading going again as soon as possible so Scott and other employees from other companies are now under armed guard at a recovery centre in New Jersey because it is feared they are still a target.""