THIS game is most definitely the greatest of its genre. Not only is it the most accurate snooker game, it also combines pool and darts - all impressively smooth and realistic, writes Edward Oldaker.

The controls and layout are not particularly obvious and it will take practice to master the game, so progress will be slow at first. This may help to lengthen the life of the game, as well as giving a feeling of accomplishment when you unlock new features in the game, such as new venues, trick-shot modes and the dartboard.

The camera angles are more useful than with some games and the ability to move the camera through many different directions also greatly aids the gameplay. A great feature, giving you a much greater range of accuracy is the top-down view. This makes it pretty easy to judge angles and distance. It loses some of the realism in this view but ease of play is greatly improved.

It is possible to switch views between different balls and different pockets, thus allowing one to view the shot for virtually every angle

To progress in this game you win games of snooker or pool. Pretty simple. As you progress, you unlock new arenas, new game modes and, of course, the darts game.

Apart from combining pool and snooker in the same game, what sets this apart from its competitors, are its special mini-games inside. Darts, thumb wars, maze and stunt tables all have their own sub-games; for instance the dartboard has different modes such as round the clock, 301 and 501.

Stunt tables are similar to crazy golf (on a snooker table) and are great fun. This really adds another life to the game, as does the multiplayer option. It is possible to play against your friend, sitting next to you or sitting in Australia.

The game is long lasting, attractive, entertaining and, above all, gives you a purpose.

Graphics 4/5

Sound 2/5

Game play 3/5

Game span 4/5

Overall 4/5