PUNK has once again been basking in the spotlight this year, and top Warrington band The Graves are hoping that the current interest in the genre will help them to net a new audience for their gig at the Causeway pub, Wilderspool, this Saturday.

The Graves - guitarist Bret Equette, bassist Didier Lacaze, drummer Joe Prozac and singer Grant Macabre - are first generation punk survivors who have achieved cult status on the local scene, most recently going down a storm at the White Hart's jubilee festival in June.

And while The Graves already enjoy a solid fanbase, they are hoping that the recent success of bands such as The Vines, Sum 41 and The Hives will persuade younger fans to check out

their punk heritage.

Didier Lacaze told Right Track: "What with the Sex Pistols reforming, and bands like The Vines getting big press coverage, punk is suddenly in vogue again.

"Guitar bands can actually get on Top of the Pops again, rather than just R&B or dance nonsense, and teenagers are listening to the kind of music that we have been playing, for years.

"So if there are any new punk or nu-metal fans out there who want to see just how good the original punk sound is, they should come along."

Admission for the gig - which starts at 8.45pm in the pub's upstairs room - is free.