THE remarkable Miss Edith Carter who, I'm delighted to discover, seems to have recovered from a serious setback in health, has come up yet again with an answer to our regular 'puzzle corner'.

Now in her 90s, but with a mind still as bright as a button, she has responded to a showbiz query, raised by Denis Brown of Gerards Lane, Sutton Leach.

Denis wanted to know if anyone could remember Robert Dorning, who, he believed, came from Kitchener Street in the terraced heart of St Helens, and whose actress daughter Stacey, child star in the Black Beauty TV series of some years ago.

Edith, from Mill Lane, Sutton, responds: "Yes, I remember Robert Dorning who belonged to a dancing school in St Helens or Liverpool. He performed at St Helens Theatre Royal where I saw him in the Nutcracker Ballet". He was also, she adds, a member of St Helens Amateur Operatic Society.

In fact, I've done a bit of research of my own on the subject and discover that although Dorning never achieved the heady heights of stardom he certainly enjoyed a busy (and doubtless lucrative) stage, television and film career as a support actor.

Though few might have been able to put a name to him, he was an extremely familiar face in countless film and TV productions, as a website dedicated to him reveals.

Playing minor roles, from 'hotel bedroom man' and 'shopkeeper' to 'Prime Minister' and the improbable sounding 'Colonel Grope', Dorning is listed as appearing in more than 70 productions, including the 1986 film, Mona Lisa, and a whole cluster of TV presentations.

The latter include Pride and Prejudice (1967) and classic action series such as Bergerac, The Sweeney and The Avengers. He played various characters in the unforgettable Hancock's Half Hour shows; and other strings to his comedy bow included appearances in Bootsy and Snudge, Dad's Army and Steptoe and Son, among others.

There was certainly no prospect of the versatile Robert ever becoming type-cast and he remained in demand when in his 70s. Born on May 13 1914 in St Helens, he died, from diabetes on February 20 1989, in London - just short of his 75th birthday.

THERE seems to be far less information readily available about his actress daughter, Stacey. Does anyone know what became of her?