AN Appleton man is caught up in the centre of a storm concerning the alleged sexual abuse of a girl with Down’s Syndrome by a paedophile ring.

Robert Green, aged 63, is campaigning on behalf of Hollie Greig who claims to have been abused by paedophiles in Aberdeen for 14 years, since the age of six.

The case was taken to police when Hollie’s claims first came to light in 2000, but the investigation failed because it lacked ‘credible evidence’ even though, the family claims,Hollie pinpointed her attackers, which included people in positions of trust.

Grampian Police have been asked to re-start the investigation on various occasions by Anne Greig, Hollie’s mum.

Mr Green believes that key facts in the case are being covered up as senior figures are implicated in the case.

Mr Green was first put in contact with Anne in 2008 by the Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers group which had been advising her on what action could be taken.

He then became the Greigs’ legal advisor and is now standing as an independent candidate in the General Election for the Aberdeen South constituency. His election campaign will be solely based on securing justice for the Greigs by ensuring that police investigate the ‘overwhelming’ evidence that Hollie was raped repeatedly since she was a child.

On visiting Aberdeen to continue the campaign last month he was arrested for ‘breach of the peace’, but the charge was backdated to June 9 when he was handing out leaflets. He is currently on bail and unable to return to Aberdeen.

Mr Green, from Birchdale Road, who previously ran Mossley Travel agents in Lymm, is convinced this shows that police are attempting to quash the story from being made public because, he claims, a Grampian officer was named in Hollie’s account of her attackers, of which there were allegedly 16 in total.

He said: “This has been a terrible cover-up of this shocking case by the Scottish Government.

“There is overwhelming evidence that Hollie was raped by a paedophile ring for many years but no-one is prepared to prosecute the people responsible.”

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