TWO cases of swine flu in Warrington, the first in the town, have been confirmed.

The patients are a four-year-old pupil at Grappenhall Heys Community Primary School's day nursery, and a 40-year-old man who is a close relative.

The school has not been closed, but 65 staff and pupils have been given anti-retrovirals as a precaution.

All children attending the morning nursery class and the reception class have been given the drugs as a precautionary measure.

Those in the afternoon class were not considered to be at risk.

The patients are being treated at home and have not been admitted to hospital.

The Health Protection Agency visited the town on Saturday to advise on how to deal with the cases.

The case comes a week after the World Health Organisation raised its alert level to six - the highest level, which indicates a pandemic.

Dr Andrew Davies, a Warrington GP and the head of the town's Clinical Leadership Team said: “We have taken all reasonable measures to protect children and staff in the school and to reduce the risk of onward transmission of infection."

The child is being treated with antivirals and is making a good recovery at home.

Other close contacts, including family members, have been given antivirals.

NHS Warrington has established a helpline working between 9am and 5pm for anyone worried about the virus.

Call 01925 843600

NHS Warrington asked people to be vigilant against swine flu, or H1N1, saying it is important for parents and schools to take prompt action if children who have travelled to north America or Mexico during the half term break start showing flu-like symptoms within seven days of their return.

Anyone who is being investigated as a possible case of swine flu or has been confirmed with the infection will be offered antivirals and asked to stay at home and limit their contact with other people.

This morning it emerged that a woman from Scotland has become the first UK fatality due to swine flu.

The woman had recently given birth prematurely.