POLICE squads raided two houses in Longford on Monday after receiving intelligence of illegal drug activity.

An armed response unit used a battering ram to enter the homes on Armour Avenue linked to a 64-year-old man arrested at the scene.

Insp Andy Ross, from Warrington central neighbourhood policing unit, who led the operation as part of National Tackling Drugs Week, said his officers were working in deprived areas tackling drug use.

He said: “Residents living in those areas do not need people dealing drugs because it lowers the tone of the whole neighbourhood and it also breaches their tenancy agreements with Golden Gates Housing which we are working with to combat drug activity.

“It is the impact on the community that I want to hit.”

It is believed that one of the targeted houses, which is uninhabited, is used as a party house for drug users and paraphenalia associated with cannabis use was seized from the property.

Officers also seized a substantial amount of cannabis leading to the arrests of four adults on suspicion of supplying drugs.

A 43-year-old woman was later released without charge while two men, aged 19 and 20, were given adult cautions for possession of cannabis and the 64-year-old man was bailed for further investigation.

Insp Ross added: “Party houses disrupt people’s lives and we want to make sure it stops so people’s quality of life improves – if the landlord does not exercise control over their houses it can lead to big problems for those living in the area. If you are in a tenanted property and committing crimes – beware!”