A is for ALBUM Your wedding day is unique and pictures are special too, because they will be a constant reminder of your day. It is best to employ a professional.

B is for BRIDE AND BRIDESMAIDS Once the wedding date is set the bride will have a full diary. One of your first tasks is to choose your bridesmaids among friends or relatives who will be an invaluable help to you on your busy day.

C is for CHURCH If you have decided to marry in church and set the date, it is important you see the church minister who will also advise on the form of service, hymns and music, the reading of the banns and other aspects.

D is for DATE Whether it is booking the church or reception venue, selecting your photographer or choosing your flowers, remember to book early to avoid disappointment.

E is for ENTERTAINMENT If you have decided to have an evening reception, as well as booking a suitable venue, think what entertainment your require, such as a live band or disco.

F is for FLOWERS The wedding bouquet and flowers must be chosen with great care. Your bouquet must complement your dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses as well. There is a choice between fresh or silk flowers for bouquets, garland and corsages.

G is for GROOM AND BEST MAN The groom chooses the best man and ushers, pays for the ring, fees and gifts for the bridesmaids and ushers, flowers, transport and traditionally the honeymoon.

The best man gets the groom to the church on time, holds the ring(s), pays the church fees and ensures all guests have transport to the reception. Once there he reads the telegrams, cards and makes a speech.

H is for HONEYMOON Put yourself in the hands of a reputable travel company who will look after your needs, whether you are honeymooning in this country or abroad.

I is for INVITATIONS For anything other than a very small wedding, printed or engraved invitations are the most convenient. It is a good idea to post invitations at least six weeks ahead.

J is for JEWELLERY Today many couples choose to have wedding rings and jewellers now offer matching sets. Start looking for your wedding rings three months ahead in case they need altering.

K is for KISS When the minister or registrar utters those famous words ‘kiss the bride’ you know your wedding day worries were unfounded. It has gone like a dream.

L is for LOVE Your wedding day is the start of a lifetime of love and sharing together, so ensure everything is well planned in advance so you will not miss a minute of this unique day.

M is for MORTGAGE Most newlyweds wish to start off married life in their own home. House particulars are available from estate agents and once you have viewed a property you wish to buy, the next stage is to arrange a mortgage.

N is for NEWSPAPER ANNOUNCEMENTS If you wish, news of your engagement and forthcoming marriage can be placed in your local newspapers. Most wedding photographers will also ensure that a wedding day photograph will appear in their pages.

O is for OUTFITS If you are having an evening reception are you going to wear your wedding dress so guests who are attending only the reception can see it? Or are you having a separate outfit?

P is for PRESENTS One ideal way of coping with wedding presents is to compile a wedding list which you can give to all your guests to give them ideas of what you really need, include the complete price range of gifts, so no-one feels obliged to ‘spend a fortune’.

Q is for QUEST FOR THE BEST Obviously, you want everything to be perfect for your wedding day, so it is always a good idea to allow yourself time to shop around and compare services and prices.

R is for RECEPTION When organising your reception and/or evening do, visit a venue before booking. Try two or three venues to compare the costs
S is for SPEECHES Speeches are an important part of a wedding, but they should be brief, sincere and humorous if possible.

T is for TRANSPORT Wedding cars should be booked as early as possible. Often the only cars required are for the attendants, immediate family, and you and your father.

U is for USHERS Formal church weddings require a minimum of three ushers. They hand out service sheets to guests on arrival at the church and show them to their seats. The bride’s family is on the left-hand side of the altar, the bridegroom’s is on the right.

V is for VIDEO Having a professional video made of your wedding day is the ideal way of keeping cherished memories and humorous incidents alive.

W is for WEDDING CAKE Your wedding cake should be ordered at least six weeks in advance and a confectioner will advise you on the size and type of cake.

Y IS FOR WHY WORRY? If you have followed our guide everything will be well organised and go without a hitch.

Z is for ZZZ… Sleeping peacefully knowing you have a splendid day ahead.