EXPERIMENTING with reflexology in an attempt to cure her husband’s back pain sparked a new career for Tracey Turton.

The mum-of-two discovered a natural affinity with healing with her hands.

Her husband, Jim’s, back pain was cured overnight. “We realised we had stumbled on something very powerful and we both trained in reflexology,” said Tracey, aged 43.

After the birth of her first child, James, in 1994, Tracey decided to turn her passion into a career.

Then, three years ago, she set up her own clinic, Cheshire Natural Health, in Stretton.

Since then the business has expanded and now employs 20 specialists treating around 150 clients a week.

Tracey’s management and sales background has helped her develop the business and build it into one of the leading clinics in the north west.

She even managed to run two successful businesses at once until pressures meant she and Jim had to sell off Nappy Time, the first cotton nappy laundry service in the north west.

“We eventually had to choose between reflexology and the nappy service, but I’m pleased to say our old business is still going strong,” said Tracey.

She soon discovered the merits of using reflexology on couples with fertility problems as a natural alternative to IVF.

Her treatments have helped almost 40 women with problems conceiving and led to the founding of the Natural Fertility Clinic, the only natural fertility clinic outside London, which is based at the main clinic in Stretton.

“Having treated and helped so many people with fertility problems, I think that helping someone to have a baby is the most rewarding thing I have ever done,” said Tracey, a psychology graduate.

As this week is World Reflexology Week Tracey is encouraging people to open their minds to natural therapies.

For more information call the clinic on 210310 or visit cheshirenaturalhealth.co.uk or naturalfertilityclinic.co.uk