SO it’s week something or other in the Big Brother house and another two contestants are up for eviction, Stuart and Rachel I’m lead to believe.

It’s probably fair to say I’m not an avid fan of this reality show, I tend to avoid it at all costs, but somehow, each year, I’ve ended up knowing the ins and outs because of the people I work with.

And so, while the regular Big Brother bloggers are soaking up the sunshine in Spain, armed only with opinions of people in this office, I’m going to attempt to predict who will get the boot tonight.

Rachel is from Wales, has just passed her teaching course and was head of house last week. She is obsessed with having a happy house, is not over the top and is just a nice person. Hmmm, so far so bland if you ask me.

However, could she be a bit of a dark horse?

It seems her fellow housemates think that she is being manipulative and that there is another, darker side to her happy, happy personality. Might well be worth keeping her in to see if she’s more of a Darth Vader than a Jedi Knight.

And so to Stuart.

Now, I do have an opinion on him actually and it is completely shallow because it’s all based on how good-looking I think he is (which is extremely!).

According to my colleagues he has been quite subdued since his pals got the boot and seems to be a bit lonely. He is also missing his daughter. Hmm, good looking and sensitive, surely he should be the winner?

It’s possible that he’s been given the sympathy nomination because he’s been banging on for ages apparently about wanting to leave, but is that a good enough reason for him to be evicted.

Bookmakers are predicting Stuart will be evicted as Rachel is the show’s favourite contestant after Mikey.

To be honest I don’t really care who stays or goes and I won’t be losing any sleep tonight by not watching the live eviction.

But on second thoughts if Stuart is kicked out I’m likely to see more of him in magazines and on the television than if he stays in the house, which is no bad thing.

And so based on that incredibly superficial analysis, I think Stuart should go and the rest of the annoying bunch, in particular Mouthy Mikey, Caterwauling Kat and Repulsive Rex should be locked in the house forever.