GREAT SANKEY firm United Utilities has teamed up to support a period product campaign.

‘Stop the Block. Period.’ Is a campaign set up alongside period product manufacturer Bodyform to raise awareness about the proper disposal of period products.

The company described this campaign as ‘a significant step in tackling the environmental and infrastructure challenges posed by the improper disposal of period products.’

Every year, millions of period products are wrongly flushed down toilets, causing blockages in pipes, drains and the sewer network. Blockages can lead to spills in rivers and the sea, which impacts marine life.

Gareth Lucy, Communications Director at Essity, the parent company of Bodyform, said, "We are proud to partner with United Utilities in this important initiative. Responsible disposal of period products is not only crucial for the environment, but it also plays a significant role in protecting our drainage network. We are committed to making a positive change in this regard."

United Utilities' Head of Brand Jim Spencer, added, "As a water company, we regularly see the effect that improper disposal of period products can have on our infrastructure and the environment. Flushing period products, and other items like wet wipes and cotton buds, cause blockages in the sewers and this can lead to flooding in homes or streets or littering in rivers. We are really pleased to be working alongside Bodyform to educate the public about the need to bin, not flush, period products to help keep our wastewater systems flowing smoothly.

“With population growth and changing weather patterns we see major disruption when anything other than the three Ps (that’s pee, poo and paper) is flushed.”