A BUSINESSOWNER has shared her annoyance at household waste being dumped in her privately-owned bins amid the strikes.

Chloe Louise Jones owns Bamboo Salon on Dam Lane in Woolston.

Like the other businesses in the shopping precinct, Chloe privately owns bins which are situated at the back of the shops.

The bins are covered within the ‘already extortionate’ service charge.

Since the bin strikes started at the beginning of October, the businessowner has found that local residents have been bringing their own household waste and dumping it in Bamboo Salon’s bins.

As a result, there are mountains of full bin bags not only piled on top of the bins, but also surrounding them.

This has led to the company refusing to empty them due to them being overloaded. They are also damaged from someone allegedly setting them on fire over the weekend.

“Local residents think it is acceptable to bring their own household waste and fill the bins, and someone set them on fire on Saturday night,” Chloe said.

“The company is now refusing to empty the bins as they have been overloaded and damaged.

“To say I am annoyed is an understatement.”

Chloe acknowledged the bin strikes, however, she said it doesn’t ‘warrant’ people ‘illegally fly-tipping rubbish’ around the back of small local businesses.

She is planning to install CCTV to cover the back of her shop to catch anyone else dumping waste.

“Us owners of the shops pay a monthly service charge that pays for these bins, and now we can’t even use them to dispose of our rubbish as the bins have been filled that full that the lid won’t close,” Chloe added.

“They have also filled up with rainwater among the rubbish and are too heavy to be emptied, so people have continued to dump their bin bags near the bins.

“It stinks and we will end up with rats if they aren’t emptied.”