A Lymm-based sports technology firm has been awarded funding for a ground-breaking development project.

Swellaway Ltd is the company behind ProMOTION EV1; a cutting-edge wellness device that is used by athletes for targeted cryotherapy contrast therapy, heat therapy and compression, to support their warmups, cool downs, and recovery and injury rehabilitation.

The company was awarded funding by Innovate UK to undertake a unique Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with two north west universities, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Central Lancashire.

This new partnership will enable ProMOTION EV1 to be the first product that has the software capability to combine cryotherapy and contrast therapy data capture.

This will allow users to share the most effective therapy protocols that deliver the best outcomes.

“ProMOTION EV1 has been developed, backed by scientific research and development since its inception.

“This funding award by Innovate UK will enable us to continue this development and add to the range of benefits offered by EV1, with the addition of a data analytics dashboard with the unique capability to share best practice protocols globally.” explained Jonathan Smith, the Managing Director of Swellaway Ltd.

A spokesperson also confirmed that the project will deliver an industry-first cloud-based software solution that works seamlessly with a portable ProMOTION EV1 to support physiotherapists working in elite sports.

John Hartley is the Head Physiotherapist at Derby County FC. Mr Hartley has said on the subject: “Currently medical departments within elite sports clubs cannot easily track, monitor, store within medical records and analyse cryotherapy/ contrast therapy/ heat therapy protocols alongside the associated outcomes.

“Having the most effective therapy protocols for acute, subacute and chronic injury stages and a platform for elite practitioners to share, review and assess best practice would be a great step forward in this area of rehabilitation.”