A RANGE of tools were seized by police after officers were called to reports of a vehicle theft in progress last night, Tuesday.

Officers arrived in the scene ‘within minutes’ and located the vehicle, arresting two suspects in the process.

A search of the vehicle revealed the tools which Cheshire Police say ‘can become deadly weapons in the wrong hands’.

The force’s Warrington Police team said: “Last night, officers from A-block response were called to a theft of a motor vehicle in progress.

“Arriving on scene within a few minutes, we were informed that the offenders had driven off.

“After a hasty area search, one of our officers stopped the vehicle where two males were promptly detained.

“Both were located with a number of weapons to hand and were subsequently arrested for multiple offences.

“The weapons were seized, and the van has also been seized as it was used to commit crime.

“These seemingly innocent tools can become deadly weapons in the wrong hands.

“Two are now in custody as a result of their own poor decisions. This criminality is not welcome in our community.”