A STREET in Winwick saw the highest number of crimes reported from Warrington in September.

Data released by the Home Office has revealed which streets reported the highest number of crimes in Warrington.

The newest information available is from September, which was released recently.

Warrington Guardian: Data is made available from the Home Office every month regarding crimes reported to the policeData is made available from the Home Office every month regarding crimes reported to the police (Image: Newsquest)

As per the figures released on Police.uk - which is run by the Home Office - it has been revealed that more than 1,300 crimes were reported across the town.

There is a discrepancy with the figures due to the fact that the police log 'reported crimes,' which means that some crimes that went unreported will not be in the figures.

Equally, some crimes may have been reported more than once.

According to the figures, there were 1,320 crimes in September, which is a decrease of 66 from August, when reports stood at 1,386.

Across Warrington, the 10 streets with the most crimes reported within September were:

  1. Elm Road - 15
  2. Patten Lane - 15
  3. Bridge Foot - 12
  4. Hollins Lane - 11
  5. Grasmere Avenue - 9
  6. Chester Road - 8
  7. Hamnett Court - 8
  8. St Austins Lane - 8
  9. Tilley Street - 8
  10. Academy Street - 8

In terms of crimes reported from public areas, September's figures were as follows:

  • Supermarket - 75
  • Parking area - 43
  • Petrol station - 24
  • Shopping area - 19
  • Hospital - 14
  • Nightclub - 14
  • Prison - 10
  • Police station - 5
  • Park/open space - 4
  • Sports/recreational area - 4

The majority of the categories of reported crime saw decreases from August to September, with eight categories seeing a fall in reports.

Dramatically, the number of drug-related offences fell from 103 offences to 55 between August and September - a drop of 46 per cent.

However, five categories - including violent and sexual offences, as well as public order offences - saw reports increase in the latest month.

All reported crimes in Warrington from September can be seen in the map below.

In terms of the outcomes of these reports, 585 remain under investigation, according to the data.

However, 472 reports resulted in no prosecution - for reasons which include no suspect being identified, being unable to prosecute a suspect, and further action not being in the public interest.

51 reported crimes are now awaiting the result of a court outcome.

All information is taken from Police.uk and is accurate at the time of writing.