WARRINGTON schools have been offered a £1,000 cash boost to help fund breakfast clubs for kids around the town.

Kellogg’s has offered the cash windfall to help support breakfast clubs. Schools can apply here

A breakfast club is a scheme run at schools around the country to offer children a healthy meal and safe place to eat in the morning.

This comes as 16 per cent of parents from the north west admit their children do not always have breakfast.

The study also found 65 per cent of those in the region thathave struggled to keep their household fed have yet to rely on the help of others or utilise any schemes like breakfast clubs.

Of those who have sent their children to breakfast clubs, 15 per cent do so every school day, 28 per cent three to four days a week, and 41 per cent one to two times.

Further underlining the importance of these schemes, 46 per cent said their breakfast club closing would result in them having to work less or stop altogether.

Heather Murphy, Kellogg’s breakfast club manager, said: “We are proud to have supported thousands of breakfast clubs up and down the country for 25 years.

“They contribute vastly to improving children’s school attendance and attainment, as well as alleviating hunger in some cases.

“It is not just the children that benefit – it is a lifeline for parents too.”