A COMPANY helping parents carry their newborns in a safe and comfortable way is urgently looking for funding to continue its amazing free scheme. 

Supportive Sloths North West provide a free scheme to parents in Warrington looking to understand how to safely carry their newborns in the most popular baby carrier at present, a sling. 

The scheme enables parents to visit their sling library sessions which are hosted monthly in two locations, one session in Mamar’s at the Old Bank on Bridge Street and another at The Old School on Fairfield street. 

Their sling specialists provide tutorials on how to wear them and allow each parent to hire one for free for up to four weeks. 

More than 100 slings and carriers are available to choose from. 

Addressing their current need for funding, a spokesperson from Support Sloths NW said: “Unfortunately, our current wraps are coming to the end of their life, and we need to replace them to continue offering this free scheme. 

“We are currently fundraising to attempt to replace all of our stretchy wraps. We use a brand called Hana but we are looking to replace them with local company Joy and Joe's bamboo stretchy wraps.” 

Warrington Guardian: Supportive Sloths NW have a sling library where parents can try out different slings and are shown how to safely use themSupportive Sloths NW have a sling library where parents can try out different slings and are shown how to safely use them (Image: Supplied)

The local sling suppliers Joy and Joe Baby have offered the company a discount on their product, but Supportive Sloths still need funding of up to £500 to purchase and replace all the wraps. 

“There is no funding available for us at this time and we are unable to wait as the wraps are deteriorating, which is why we are fundraising ourselves to replace them,” a spokesperson added. 

As well as slings, the company also provides help to parents who are interested in using cloth nappies instead of disposable – the eco-friendlier route. 

A donation page has been set up with more than half of the grand total already having been received in donations. 

To help out or find out more visit the funding page link at ko-fi.com/supportiveslothsnw