Beatle, George Harrison was a frequent visitor to his parent’s home, Sevenoaks on Old Pewterspear Lane Appleton and photographs have re-emerged of a young Beatles fan’s visit in 1966.

George bought his parents the then semi-rural property in late 1965 to escape from the mayhem of Beatlemania and offer some respite from the hordes of fans who besieged their former home in Hunts Cross, Liverpool.

George wrote the Beatles classic ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ whilst at Sevenoaks in 1967 and it is even alleged that all four Beatles once spent a night in the bungalow.

George’s parents Harry and Louise were good to the Beatle fans and responded to the thousands of letters that arrived by the sackload at their Hunts Cross home and continued correspondence with some fans even after they moved to Appleton.

One such fan was young American fan, Patty Juliono who maintained a correspondence with Louise and was invited to visit Louise at Sevenoaks in March 1966 whilst in Europe with her father. Her story was printed in The Beat magazine in 1967 and has recently been rediscovered along with the photos that she took.

Patty Juliono was not to know that George Harrison and his girlfriend Patti Boyd would also be at the address that day.

She recalls “After a while my dad looked up and smiled and then said, “Well, here’s our boy.” I turned around and there stood George with a big smile on his face!

"He came over and shook my hand then sat in the chair next to me. He offered everyone a cigarette –even me! I joked and started to take one. He laughed and said, “Aren’t you too young?” I never did get one’.


Patty with the family and George

Patty with the family and George


George Harrison has other connections with Warrington. He bought his first car at a garage on Lovely Lane, his brother Peter lived in Penketh and local legend has it that George once bought everyone a round in the Red Lion.

His parents Louise and Harry are buried at St Wilfrid’s Church in Grappenhall.


Louise Harrison and Henry with Patty Juliono

Louise Harrison and Henry with Patty Juliono